A (Dressing) Room of One's Own

For apartment dwellers making the best of a single, cramped closet, the very idea of a extra space is but a mere fantasy. But for families living in large suburban homes, it's often a given. If you're lucky enough to have a spare, spare room or an empty sitting area, you might consider moving out of the shared master closet and creating a luxurious dressing room of your own.

In the client home below, we handed over the entire walk-in closet to Mr. and transformed this small guest room into a gorgeous space for Mrs. We brought down a desk and chest from the attic, purchased some easy-to-install Closet Maid products and hung jewelry pegs on the wall. Voila!

Vanity station for easy access to makeup and jewelry…with good lighting and a large mirror! Plenty of hanging space – long hang and double hang.

Shelving for folded items and bins. Plenty of slots for shoes and handbags.

Since my own home is 100 years old, I let my husband take over the master closet and used the adjacent sunroom as a dressing room - slash - sitting area. I enjoy having my own space where everything is visibly displayed and easily accessed. I also love the natural light coming through the windows and the music playing on the stereo in my bookshelves.

Hanging bags are my favorite shoe storage option. Obligatory shelving for jeans and handbags. And I still have space left over for a sitting area…I’m happy in my closet!