The podcast
Transformative journeys from clutter to clarity

Amidst all-consuming consumerism and nonstop busy-ness, people across every demographic seek order, balance, and beauty in their homes and lives. 

As Marin helps guests - individuals and families of varying ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles - take control of their lives by taking control of their stuff, listeners follow guests through the practical and emotional process of eliminating physical and existential clutter.  Witness the compelling stories of people who brave change and reap the myriad benefits, who face unique challenges and share their revelations. You may even be inspired to apply Marin’s meaningful guidance to declutter your own home and life. 

Through guest interviews, expert commentary, and callers’ insights, popular themes and topics are explored in depth, with humor, nuance, and sensitivity. These include decluttering and minimalism, child-rearing and household harmony, and the “life-changing magic” of living with intention. 

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