STOP: Scan and Deliver

So you've gone through the tedious but rewarding process of organizing your home. You've eliminated the clutter, chosen an appropriate place for everything and, for the moment, everything is in its place. Now, how to keep it that way?

If you're used to a messy house, you're probably accustomed to setting things down without much awareness. Your handbag rests where you dropped it in the foyer. Today's shoes are strewn in the garage and the water glass you carried from the kitchen to the den remains there long after you've departed. If you're going to maintain the order you've worked so hard to create, it's time to be more thoughtful about what you're doing with your belongings.

"STOP: scan and deliver" is a technique I use to ensure that each space in the home is properly organized. Each time you exit a room, take a moment to turn around and scan each area, each surface of the space for items that don't belong. Then deliver those items to their proper places.

To get started, consider printing out this sign and pasting it on the back of each door in your house. (Or buy the sticker). Soon you won't need the sign to remember to check your space before you leave it.