Downsizing: a personal journey THE FINAL RESULT

Living in New York can take many shapes. For us, returning to city life meant having less stuff and more experiences. 

Although we dearly loved our historic home in Georgia and enjoyed hosting our friends and family there for visits, our New York apartment perfectly suits or New York lifestyle. Like our routines, the new space is sleek and bright, beautiful but practical. 

We spend most of our time outside of our home in the city. We walk everywhere and take in the many sights and activities on offer. We watch less TV. We spend less time cleaning and caring for our home, and more time exploring with friends. I don't miss our charming southern home. I am too busy enjoying the Big Apple to miss our big house. 

That said, our apartment is a welcoming respite at the end of a long day among the crowds. 

Delightful dining decor

If you have something truly meaningful to you, don't stash it in a sealed container in your closet. Display it! 

My clever clients Tony and Emily saved the menus from their favorite honeymoon meals, framed them and hung them beside their dining table.

For creative decor with a personal touch, think about using items that represent special people or experiences in your life. For example, actress Mariska Hargitay displays her mother's bikini in her powder room (her mother, of course, is the famous 1950s actress and sex symbol Jayne Mansfield).