Aligning your money with your values

While visiting a friend last week, I skimmed a book from her shelf and was reminded, once again, that quality living comes down to clarity about and dedication to our values. 

Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach offers step-by-step guidance for responsible financial practices, not only for women and not only for those looking to get "rich." In essence, it's a financial parallel to my own Breaking Up With Your Stuff, exploring how we should reevaluate how we invest our resources - our time, money, energy, and space - and ensure that they are aligned with our unique priorities. 

Bach offers customized advice for defining one's priorities and values, setting appropriate financial goals, and optimizing their pursuit. From budgeting and saving, to investing and retirement plans, "Finish Rich" is the textbook that we all need but weren't taught in school. 

I recommend this book if you're intimidated by financial matters or simply want to ensure your best future. As Bach says, it's never too late - or too soon! - to take control of your finances.


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