How many TVs does a minimalist have? Trick question!)

Minimalism is selecting the option that’s just right for the life you wish to live. 

Not the option that: 

  • your neighbor chose. 
  • your mother would choose for you (sorry, Mommy!).
  • your friends assume you will choose.
  • was right for you five years ago.
  • you hope will be right for you five years from now. 
  • the bigger option.
  • the luxury brand option. 
  • the option on sale. many TVs does a minimalist have?

Two correct answers:

  • Five. Jane is a diehard sports fan and aspiring sports journalist. Jane keeps abreast of the sports world from her home, following games and industry news as she prepares her morning coffee in the kitchen, brushes her teeth in the en-suite, and dresses in her bedroom. On weekends, Jane’s family and friends watch seasonal sports in the family room. Huge sports fans with divided team loyalties, they watch two games at a time. 
  • Zero. John is a father. When he’s not at work, John invests his time and energy in quality time with his son, and taking online classes to be qualified for a job that allow him a flexible schedule and more income to save for his family’s future. He and his son play, exercise, learn, and spend time outdoors almost every day. The enjoy a hot meal for dinner at the kitchen table together each night.

The true answer to the question is: the number that supports the minimalist’s essential priorities. No more, no fewer.