Bullet Journaling pros and cons

I do ALL of my planning digitally but I understand that not everyone is comfortable with that process. For my clients who are creative/artistic/visual, a Bullet Journal offers an elegant alternative to the traditional calendar or list. 

Bullet Journaling is getting popular, which means that some people are accessing a useful way to "record the past, organize the present and plan for the future." However, others are feeling incentivized - or even pressured - to employ yet another planning "solution" that a) they don't need and/or b) doesn't work for their personalities or lifestyles. 

Image courtesy of bulletjournal.com

Image courtesy of bulletjournal.com

Watch the video about the principles of the Bullet Journal system, and then consider these pros and cons to determine if it might be a good fit for you. 


  • Great for those who enjoy the old fashioned feel of pen and paper. 
  • Fun and effective for visual learners. (Learn about decorating your Bullet Journal). 
  • Not subject to technological malfunctions. 
  • An effective alternative to scattered lists. 


  • Requires time and focus to start and maintain. 
  • Deleting/editing can get messy, unlike "erasable" digital formats. 
  • There's no "backup" in case of loss or damage. 
  • As with any organizing system, users must remember to consistently update and refer to it.