Bread and Milk and Batteries...oh, my!

My organizing colleague Leslie Tansey, of All About Organizing, had this to say about the reaction - namely to the rush on bread and milk - to today's forecast of an impending ice storm in our little southern town: "...If we get an ice storm and lose power, the LAST thing you want in your fridge is Milk and Eggs. Don't forget: Water, flashlights, batteries, candles, and anything in the grocery store that does not require refrigeration. This has been a public service announcement from yours truly. Be safe out there!!!"

Amen, Leslie!

By the way, who are these people who are less than 48 hours away from being out of toilet paper? I call that living on the edge. And, in my case, seeing as I subsist mainly on dairy, the same is true for milk.

While it's prudent to stock up on supplies and non-perishables in advance of a weather event, I have to think that many of the east-coasters bum-rushing the grocery stores today have a wealth of reserves already at home in their pantries. Save yourself time, stress and money: always check your inventory before shopping!