You need a Professional Organizer when...

You’re afraid to open your closet for fear of bodily injury.

You enjoy cooking – just not in YOUR kitchen.

You can’t fit your car in your garage.

You can’t remember what’s in your attic.

You've spent thousands of dollars on a storage unit.

Your kids’ toys are taking over your house.

You keep buying things you already have.

You haven’t opened your mail in weeks.

You regularly pay late fees.

You never seem to get around to the really important things on your to-do list.

You’re moving, downsizing or putting your house up for sale.

Your parents are moving into assisted living and you’re sorting through their household.

Your business needs workflow streamlining.

Your child is entering middle school and needs helps with time management and being prepared for daily activities.

You live in a dorm or apartment and need to make the most of a small space.

You realize your kids are picking up your bad organizational habits!