Words of wisdom for a new year

Happy new year and welcome to my first blog entry of 2011! I recently came upon this article by life coach Martha Beck for the July 2010 edition of O, The Oprah Magazine that speaks to one of the most common ideas I share with my clients. "The Joy Dividend" takes a logical yet sympathetic approach to spending money. I often encourage my clients to apply similar principles when deciding which possessions to keep and which to let go of. I felt I should share it with you, especially now, as you undertake to honor resolutions to be more organized in the new year!

Martha Beck's Financial Planning for Happiness Strategy - Oprah.com

Just like your money, your time and space are limited resources. Disregard "sunk costs" (e.g. the hideous sweater your grandmother knitted for you or the designer jeans you purchased before you lost weight). You can't recoup value from those items so don't feel obligated to hang on to them. Discarding them makes room in your closet - and in your mind - for items of real meaning and purpose. Then again, if that sweater is one of just a few things that reminds you of grandma, find a place for it where you'll see it and smile. Storing it in a bin in your attic is as good as tossing it.

Each of us makes our own priorities. Think about yours: your children? your work? your art? your clothing? your books? Honor your own treasure by placing it in the center of your space - and your life - and put the trash where it belongs.

Best wishes for simplicity, fulfillment and peace in the coming year...