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Acquire rights to reprint Marin’s column in your newspaper, blog or newsletter, or request a proposal for an article tailored to your audience.

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Love Your Wardrobe April 2013 For Earth's Sake Get Organized May 2013 The Pleasure of Paperless June 2013 Ready for School July 2013 More than just a Coat Closet August 2013 Save a Piece of Summer September 2013
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Shameless Moms May 2015 Smooth Moves June 2015 Photographic Memories September 2015

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Excerpt from Metro Augusta Parent article by Amy Christian


“These days most Americans have more stuff than they know what to do with,” said professional organizer Marin Rose of Functional, Fashionable. “Adding one more item to the pile may bring a fleeting moment of pleasure but the novelty will soon wear off, leaving only clutter in its place. Gifts of experiences, however, offer recipients long-term satisfaction: first, the anticipation of the experience, then the moment itself and, finally, the lasting memory of that moment. Plus, no-clutter gift giving saves closet space as well as valuable natural resources.”

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