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Breaking Up With Your Stuff:  Emotional Homework to End Your Toxic Relationship With the Clutter Culture

Anyone who's experienced it knows that breaking up isn't so much an act as it is a process. Before you break the news to your partner, divide your belongings and change your Facebook status, you must first commit to your decision to end it. To be sure it's what you want and that you're ready to make the change, you ask yourself what you really want from a relationship. What crucial things are you not getting now and how will you see yourself through the initial sense of loss until you start seeing the benefits of your decision?

Personal Organizing Coach Marin Rose argues that we're all in a toxic relationship with our stuff and that we've got some serious thinking to do before we can expect to make lasting, positive change. In these pages she explores the common emotional barriers to people reducing consumption and ownership, from personal feelings of anxiety, guilt and regret, to our faith in the omnipresent American illusion that stuff is a direct path to happiness.

Marin guides us in a thorough examination of our individual priorities and goals, and helps us answer honestly to the self-deceptive thoughts that keep us beholden to clutter. If you're thinking about committing to organized living - to save time and money, reduce stress and make space in your heart and home for the wonders yet to come - recognizing and working through these barriers are the first crucial steps.

Praise for Breaking Up With Your Stuff

 “I have experienced hundreds of relationships with people who proposed that they could help me grow or improve, or show me a better way of doing something. But when Marin Rose helps you solve an issue, it sticks.  Marin changes your approach to the way you do things by gently revealing the truth about your current way of doing things and how those ways are not getting you to where you truly want to go.  If Marin writes it, I read it.  If Marin speaks, I listen."  - Jeff Annis, President & CEO of Advanced Services Pest Control, Business Coach

“It rings true. But it also rings genuine, which makes it so relatable. I have a passage highlighted on every page.”  - Elspeth N. Bell, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Hoarding Disorder and clutter-related issues

“Marin Rose takes you on a provocative look at the internal clutter that drives our external chaos. If you have tried other methods and still aren't getting the results you want--take a look within and answer the insightful questions that Marin poses in each chapter. Through real-life examples and thought-provoking questions, "Breaking Up With Your Stuff" will help you better understand the hold your stuff may have on you--making it easier for you to break up for good!”  - Nicole Chamblin, MA, CPO® CPES®-  Chief Visionary/Productivity Consultant, Visions Productivity Solutions