Hi, I'm Marin. Libra Organizing is inspired by order, balance and beauty, the virtues I strive to bring to the homes and lives of the people who invite me into them.

As a Personal Organizing Coach I help people de-clutter their spaces and their lives to help them become happier, more productive – and less stressed.

My Clients

I work one-on-one with individuals to identify underlying causes of clutter, create tailored solutions for managing space and time, and teach approachable maintenance techniques.

I work with families to streamline households and create consensus around home life to increase everyone’s comfort and reduce conflict.

I think of you as a very valuable member of my personal improvement team. - Jeff

You really helped me change my perspective and have made my home life so much better in so many ways!! - Kristin

I have been inspired by your wisdom on what really matters and how organization can create harmony. - Emily
You were a huge help to me in making this transition very smooth for somewhat skeptical and stubborn parents. - Jim

You make lives better! - Jen

My children are still talking about how kind and helpful you are. Your assistance is invaluable to my family. - Debbie

3 Basic Organizing Principles

De-clutter first. Organized living is about prioritizing. Don't organize things that don't belong in your life.

Like with like. All items belonging in a category should live in a single, logical place. 

Everything in its place. Create spaces and systems that suit your lifestyle and personality to establish new habits as easily as possible and enjoy lasting results. 


Licensed and Insured